New Barbell Club & Yoga Times


As you many of you know by now, we’re rolling out a new format and schedule for Hierarchy Barbell Club at our Adams Morgan location in 2016.

We’re very excited about the new Barbell format, the main goal which is to offer anyone serious about improving their Olympic lifts more one-on-one time with a coach, and to make you all strong AF. And while the program will be aimed at encouraging competition in Olympic Weightlifting, lifters of all experience levels are welcome.

After a week of voting–thanks everyone who participated!–the Sunday 10:30am-12:00pm time was the winner by a fairly wide margin. (you can view the full results here).

The first new Barbell class will take place January 3rd in 2016 at 10:30am, and Hierarchy Yoga will move to its new time at 12:00pm. As always, remember to sign up for class via FrontDesk!

Hierarchy Barbell will not run like regular CrossFit classes. The new format will be loosely structured, with lifters working up to RMs of a given lift, followed by drop sets. Additional pull work, squats, assistance work will also follow, and will vary by week. Barbell Club will have more of a small group/team environment, with the individual lifter’s experience determining the pace of the programming.

Effective in 2016, Hierarchy Barbell will be offered either as an optional membership add-on or as a stand-alone membership:

        Hierarchy Members: $25/month
.          Non-Hierarchy Members: $50/month

Member Pricing
Hierarchy members will be able to add a Hierarchy Barbell membership to their existing CrossFit membership via FrontDesk for $25/month. Like regular memberships, the Barbell membership will bill monthly; however, there is no commitment requirement and it can be cancelled anytime. (Note! While we’re happy to be able to offer such a flexible new membership option, we will NOT issue retroactive refunds or credits for Barbell memberships that are purchased and not used for whatever reason.)

Non-Member Pricing
For non-Hierarchy members interested in attending Barbell classes, we will offer a standalone, Barbell-only membership for $50/month.

For any additional questions, or to add Hierarchy Barbell to your existing membership, email Christine.