CrossFit Hierarchy Nutrition Challenge

Hi all!

The CrossFit Hierarchy coaches are excited to announce the second CrossFit Hierarchy Nutrition Challenge! Many of you competed in our first nutrition  challenge in May of this year and we received a ton of great feedback on it.

Our very own Christine Robinson crushed running the first one of these and she is back with even more ideas and information for this one! All the details are below, please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions at: 

If you are interested, you can sign up here:  CrossFit Hierarchy Nutrition  Challenge Signup Sheet 

Read on for details!

When is it?
January 8-February 24 (about 7 weeks, and timed to help us all recover from holiday binge eating)

What exactly is it?
This program will be a bit different from the challenge we had last year. Most importantly, we will begin and end with DEXA scans, which measure fat mass, lean mass, and bone mineral content within the body. This is a very accurate, meaningful report on your body composition. This will be the metric that we use to track progress as we eat to perform.

Where do we do that?
Hierarchy has partnered with Composition ID in DC to get a discounted group rate. The scans only take about 4 minutes, and provide you with a complete print out of your body composition.

How is the challenge set up?
This program is all about the outcomes and results. However, the inputs (what you eat!) have a direct impact on those outcomes. As such, at the start of the program, we will have a kick-off meeting at the gym to talk about what, how, and when you should be eating. Participants will be encouraged to track their macros using templates that will be provided and handy technology like MyFitnessPal (unless you’re a math whiz, you’ll need it). We will also be tracking your numbers at the gym- we’ll have Tyler program a before and after WOD.

How much is it?
$115. Sounds like a lot. But typically, one DEXA scan is $100, so the group rate we are getting is a good deal, not to mention all the great info Crob and the other coaches will be sharing out. Talk to CRob or any coach if you have questions.

Why should  I do it?
Too many reasons to list. This isn’t a “21-day fix” or a challenge, rather an opportunity for you to learn about how to eat for strength and performance, how to increase lean muscle mass while maintaining or decreasing body fat, and the relationship between nutrition and fitness. This is also a great opportunity to have the support of the Hierarchy community as we prepare for the 2017 CrossFit Open. Finally, of course, we put in a lot of work at the gym and want our bodies to reflect that.

Good luck!
-The Coaches