What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program.

We combine weightlifting, gymnastics and traditional cardio-style movements—like running, rowing and jumping jump rope—into short, intense workouts with the goal of becoming well-rounded athletes that are good at everything.

At CrossFit, we specialize in not specializing. We don’t just want to be the guy with a 500# backsquat or the girl with a 5:00 mile. We want to be somewhere in the middle—strong and fast.

We do this by training across all physical skills—strength, speed, agility, coordination, accuracy, balance, endurance, etc—and combining them in an infinite number of different ways. Routine is the enemy!

It’s a different way of working out, and it takes some getting used to. But the beauty of CrossFit is that it is universally scalable—anyone can do CrossFit. As coaches, it’s our job to help you modify these workouts so that they’re appropriate for your level of fitness. Everyone is a beginner in the beginning–just because you see some very fit members coming through our doors doesn’t mean they all started that way.

We’ll never ask you to do something you’re not ready for. Our order of operations is always mechanics, consistency, intensity. We’ll teach you how to move well, get you to a place where you can move well consistently, and then (and only then) will we start adding intensity (going faster or adding weight).

But fitness is just the tip of the iceberg. The thing that makes CrossFit so special and so fun is the community of people in the gym doing these workouts together. You see them everyday, you push each other, you support each other, and they become your family.

You’ll get strong, you’ll get fast, and you’ll look good naked. You’ll make a ton of amazing friends. You’ll do things you didn’t know you were capable of.

If you let it, CrossFit will change your life.

(Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)